Aristoteles is a fully active (line level crossover) full range open baffle design with real dipole behavior over a wide frequency range.

Primary Design Goals (in arbitrary order):

  • low distortion
  • little stored energy
  • horizontal dipole behavior as far up in frequency as possible with a smooth transition into the region where the tweeters become more directional
  • at least "close to live" output capability
    (a speaker that cannot go loud is like a nice car that cannot go fast)
  • WAF (Woman/Wife acceptance factor) that ranges around "living room suitable" or higher
  • In total, it should sound as natural/believable as possible.

Status of the project:


Version 0.61 now features the ScanSpeak 10F as upper mid-range driver for improved continuity of the off-axis behavior.

I liked the look of version 0.5 so I kept the elegant female design elements. The rest of the shape is predetermined by the dispersion characteristics of the used drivers and physics.


Other components:

- ScanSpeak 18WU Illuminator mid-woofer

- 2 Peerless 835016 (per side). No extra sub-woofers

- Tweeters: tbd (but two for front and back are planned)

- If the required equalization does not become too complex, an analogue cross-over is planned. Otherwise I shall go for a DSP based solution.
Either way, there will be active balanced signal transmission from Sokrates the pre-amp.

Previous Design Approaches:

Version 0.5

ASP 0.41:

Version 0.4

Version 0.3
Although 0.3 shows better simulation results for the tweeter, 0.4 sounds better.

Version 0.2
In version 0.2, I reduced the distance between tweeter and mid woofer. But it sounded strange. It was less airy and it sounded more compact, which was apparent right away (during the first few seconds of listening to music).

Version 0.1

Last updated 03-Feb-2019